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Core Business Activities

Arcon Electric Stud Welder in use.

Welding Depot and Industrial Supplies Ltd., specializes in sales and service of welding equipment, accessories and consumables. Our Company is one of the top providers of Specialty Welding supplies in the entire Caribbean region. We supply Welding Machinery for Rental Services and operate with a 24-hour delivery service from our location in the heart of the Industrial capital of Trinidad (San Fernando). 

Our office and warehouse space extends beyond 5000 square feet. We maintain an inventory of over TTD$4.5 million of readily available equipment and consumables.

In addition to your satisfaction, our goal is also, to continually improve our products and technical data to keep updated with the current dynamic industry.  


Technical Training and Advice are also offered when requested at no additional cost to all our customers. In addition to our expertise, our foreign suppliers are also present to lend further technical support, should the need arise. Through our consultations, we provide solutions to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Rental Services

 As aforementioned, Welding Depot offers a rental service of available welders for any requested timeframe. For this service, the Arcon Electric-Type Inverter Welder is used.


 As part of our duty, we provide our clients with prompt maintenance and servicing. This is done, not only when requested, but also with a proactive, follow-up process to ensure your machine is operating at its fullest potential.



Welding Depot and Industrial Supplies Ltd. is equipped with various transport vehicles suited for carrying any type of goods, light or heavy across Trinidad. The twenty-four hour delivery service is prompt and conveys our attitude of efficiency and reliability. 

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